NemesisX was created for individuals who are ready to defeat the negative self and become the greatest version of self. An individual who does not fear the unknown. Who welcomes a challenge, who relish in the face of adversity. An individual who looks fear right in the eyes and says, “You are not real, a mere illusion created by negative thoughts in my head.”  

"Learn, adapt & attack.” 

NemesisX apparel is designed for comfort and style. A unique Fitness Lifestyle Brand that blends fitness and fashion.

The NX fitness line offers breathable athletic material that absorbs sweat to keep you cool and comfortable during intense workouts.

NX fashion line is simple style with edge. Eye catching color ways that draw other's attention. 

Simply put, NX apparel offers a bold unique style that stands out, and when wearing NX apparel, an individual represents the best version of his or herself.